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Outdoors fanatic and everything that has to do with it. Camping, hiking, fishing, you name it. Amateur sports shooter with experience explaining and working with binoculars, rifle scopes, night vision, rangefinders and more.

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27 Nov

Comet ISON: A Thanksgiving Day Spectacular

Posted by Will Schueneman on

‚ÄčThis year astronomers all over the world will have something different to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. The well-known comet ISON will come the closest it will ever get to the sun. ISON has never been to the inner-edge of … Continue reading

24 Oct

Product in Focus: Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ Newtonian Telescope

Posted by Will Schueneman on

If you are new to astronomy and telescopes, today’s product in focus is perfect for you. This product has the perfect combination of value, features, quality, and power.  The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ Newtonian Telescope was designed for first-time buyers. If … Continue reading

11 Oct

International Observe the Moon Night

Posted by Will Schueneman on

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people outside at night with telescopes looking up at the night sky. For three years now, on the same night of October 12th people have been going out at night and … Continue reading

24 Sep

Autumn Equinox: The First Day of Fall

Posted by Will Schueneman on

September 23 marked the first day where we officially left the Summer season behind and began the Autumn season, more commonly known as Fall.  But, what some people probably don’t know is why.  This year on September 22, at 20:44 … Continue reading

12 Sep

Don Quixote: Asteroid or Comet?

Posted by Will Schueneman on

Stretching out as far as the orbit of Jupiter, the once known asteroid named Don Quixote appears to be more than what it was originally thought to be.  This large near-earth asteroid has been wondering around for 30 years keeping to … Continue reading

30 Aug

10 Year Anniversary for the Spitzer Telescope

Posted by Will Schueneman on

The Spitzer Telescope celebrated a momentous occasion a few days ago.  On August 25 at 5:35 AM of this year, the infrared telescope celebrated its tenth birthday in space.  For a whole decade Spitzer has been orbiting our planet keeping … Continue reading

15 Aug

Perseid Meteor Shower

Posted by Will Schueneman on

All you astronomers out there, did you get a chance to get your telescopes out and see the famous Perseids Meteor Shower that happened last weekend?  I missed it this time but you can be sure I won’t miss the … Continue reading