22 Oct

A Week Full Of Fall Celestial Events

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Thats right boys and girls, this week is chock full of spectacular celestial events that you'd be crazy to miss. There's somethinig for every stargazer this week and the best part is you dont need top of the line glass to enjoy these occurences (although it does help ).


(Image Courtesy of National Geographic)

Thursday October 23rd – Zodiacal Light

Do not miss this one! If you live in the Northern hemisphere, keep a look out about an hour before sunrise. This rare celestial event may look like the lights from a nearby city but dont be fooled.  If you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it, keep a look out on your eastern horizon and you should see a bright pyramid of light like the picture above. 


(Photo Courtesy of National Geographic)

Thursday October 23rd – Partial Solar Eclipse

 This day is without a doubt an astrological double whammy. Depending on how east or west you are in the US, you should see this awe inspiring eclipse from mid-afternoon untll sunset. Also something to point out is the farther north you are, you will see more of the sun covered by the moon. 


(Photo Courtesy of UNMuseum.org)

Saturday October 25th – Last Glimpse of Saturn

Its safe to say us stargazers have been extremely spoiled by being able to see Saturn in the sky this summer. Bust out your binoculars and take a look at the 4 o'clock of the moon around dusk to give our favorite ringed planet a nice farewell before it slips into the suns glare. 



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