01 Apr

Astronomy News Probably Has you Interested in Exploring

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The news is abuzz recently with excitement over a brand-new picture of the infant universe, the Voyager II leaving the solar system, and a slew of new and exciting space exploration. Could this be the rebirth of an age of scientific wonder and excitement? I sure hope so. Since I was a kid, the universe has fascinated me, and I counted that interest amongst my hobbies. But technology is screaming along at a faster pace than any of us can keep up. I’m sure you’ve seen the post about beginner’s astronomy. It’s a fantastic guide and a great place to start.

Truly, just never stop following the news about the stars. Plus, telescopes are cheaper than ever before, so there’s really no reason not to have at least a beginner’s telescope pointed to the heavens. Try taking a peek at Jupiter, for instance. I’ve read some articles recently that have suggested that Jupiter’s moons may be the best option for human exploration and colonization in the solar system. That’s all speculation of course, and probably outside of the reach of our lifetimes, but why not look at the planet in all of its giant red spot glory?

Maybe you know of someone who is just starting out. We all remember that time, when the sheer size of the universe was enough to leave us in awe and wonder. Maybe you still feel that way (I sure hope you do). Just keep looking up, and check back here for more great stuff to help you along the way.


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