03 Dec

Telescope gadgets and tools

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There are plenty of tools and gadgets that every astronomer will need, beyond a telescope and eyepieces. One small item is a must – a red lens flashlight to preserve night vision when working around the telescope or reading star maps. A good choice, here, is the Celestron Night Vision Flashlight 93588. Another must is a basic star map/atlas, such as the Celestron Sky Maps – 93722. Telescope lenses, mirrors and eyepieces do get wet from dew and also dusty, from time to time. For cleaning eyepieces, I like a mini-lenspen, such as the Carson LP50. For larger objective lenses, I find a lens cloth, such as the Carson Stuff-It, to be perfect and, like any lens cloth, it can also be washed when it gets a little soiled. I always carry one in my purse for cleaning my glasses.

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