29 Oct

Meade beginner telescopes

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Meade has a new series of beginner telescopes in the Meade A-Series Entry Level Telescopes. These include small, but moon-worthy telescopes like the Meade 50AZ-P, the Meade NG60-SM and the Meade NG70-SM. I started out with such a telescope, but, as always, a parent or grandparent, when buying a telescope as a gift for a youngster, should try to match the telescope to the interest level. Small telescopes, such as these Meade A-Series Entry Level Telescopes, are fine for testing the water to see if there is a sustainable interest in a child, but any beginner that stays with astronomy will soon outgrow one of these small telescopes. When in doubt, always better to opt for a larger telescope, even if it costs a bit more, such as the Celestron 80 EQ OP or, even better, an even larger reflector, like the Celestron Powerseeker 127 or Meade 114EQ Going larger on a telescope allows you to see more objects and more detail objects and, most importantly, gives a beginner a telescope that can get him/her past that first look at the nightsky.

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