17 Jun

Bogen and Gitzo Tripods for Total Support

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Bogen Tripod

There is an assortment of tripods available on the market ranging from low budget to high end.  Bogen tripods, Gitzo tripods, and other brands are fighting for your business and support, but what makes a good tripod?  Is a camera tripod or a mini tripod your best bet?  Should you worry about getting a lightweight tripod or focus on the tripod headOpticsPlanet has all of these answers, plus the tripods from all of the name brands that you trust.
The type of tripod that you select is directly related to the safety of the optical equipment that you are mounting.  There are two basic parts of a tripod: the tripod head and the tripod leg set.  On cheaper models of tripods, both of these components come together, so there is no need to buy them separately.  When ordering a Bogen Tripod, for instance, you only get a leg set if you order a model labeled as a “tripod“. If you want both a leg set and a head, you must order a tripod by Bogen labeled as a “kit”.
The most important fact that you should consider when buying a tripod is the material.  As tripods get more expensive, the quality of materials goes up as well.  A plastic tripod will not be able to hold a heavy spotting scope or telescope.  Also, the wind is a huge factor when looking through a binocular with high magnification.  A lightweight tripod will not hold steady even with slight gusts.  Gitzo tripods are known worldwide for their reliability and stability.
There are many things to take into consideration when buying a tripod.  For more information, read the in-depth tripod guide, or our other how-to articles.  Make sure that you tune in to OpticsPlanet to learn more and save.

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