23 Jan

OpticsPlanet’s Astronomy Brilliance Awards

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Eyes have been turning with the recent announcement of the 1st Annual OpticsPlanet Brilliance Awards winners. The top ranked products in the Astronomy category are making a statement about the design and creativity for the future. All of the hundreds of telescopes available at OpticsPlanet have had their sales numbers for 2008 calculated and have been tested and reviewed by numerous product specialists to bring out only the telescopes that are making the galaxy that much more closer to home.

The limitless features and sheer strength of the Meade ETX-125 Astro Telescope made it the clear winner in the fight for Telescope of the Year. Its GOTO compatibility and terrestrial viewing opportunities make for a serious telescope that does the job well. One of the most popular celestial viewing instruments of 2008, the Meade MySky Plus, shook the industry and took the OpticsPlanet Brilliance Award for Best Educational Product. This enviable award will bring the MySky into serious consideration as a tool used in the classroom.

Another notable winner in the Astronomy category was the Meade Autostar Suite and LPI Package, taking the award for Best Telescope Accessory. It makes looking at the stars that much easier and serves as a guide to make all of your sessions flow smoothly. Who will top the lists next year? We can only wait and see what companies will come up with next.

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