02 Jan

The Applications of Tripods

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Bushnell Master Tripod

Tripods are an important part of many optical instruments.  They are mostly used with cameras to ensure a steady shot and a blur-free photo.  The use of compact tripods as well as mini tripods has increased because of their size and portability.  Another great application of tripods is their functionality with telescopes, allowing viewers to easily sit behind the unit and comfortably aim the telescope.

Some newer optical instruments are made to use without the assistance of a tripod.  The Celestron SkyScout and the Meade MySky are both handheld celestial viewing tools that can be attached to a camera tripod with additional tripod accessories.  The MySky from Meade, winner of the Editor’s Choice Award by Children’s Technology Review magazine, is an interactive Sky Exploration tool that features a full-color LCD screen that guides you around the galaxy with multimedia presentations.  The mySky is a point and shoot device that doesn’t require a stand.  Implementing a tripod with the MySky keeps your arm from getting tired and lets the family crowd around the unit to view the excitement..

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