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Emergencies are bound to happen, and two of the most important items in an emergency kit are a flashlight and a radio. Opticsplanet offers a selection of radio flashlights to make sure that what is really important during a critical situation is within reach.

VWR Labware & Accessories has released the VWR Enviro-Lite Emergency Flashlight with Radio, a handy flashlight radio that can be used as a crank radio or powered with an external power supply. One minute of winding provides up to ten minutes of bright light, and utilizing three super-bright LED bulbs, you can expect this emergency flashlight to shine for over 10,000 hours.

Another great flashlight from VWR is the Infinity Emergency Flashlight. This radio flashlight has similar features to the Enviro-Lite crank radio flashlight, but adds a Nokia cell phone charger. When times are rough, who are you going to call? With 2-8 minutes of cell phone talk time after 3 minutes of cranking, you will be able to reach help quickly. There are adapters available for other phones as well, just contact one of our friendly sales representatives and we will be glad to provide one for you.

Last but not least, the Dorcy 3 LED Dynamo Flashlight (pictured above) includes an LED flashlight, an emergency crank radio, and a universal DC charging adaptor. Dorcy has combined three necessities into to one crank flashlight. The manual that illustrates all of these features can be view here.

Whether helping you change a flat tire during a dark evening, or being alerted of approaching severe weather while you are out hiking in the woods, a flashlight radio combination will quickly become a necessity in your life. You never know when you will need it, but here at OpticsPlanet, we want to make sure that this lifesaver is in your disposal at all times.

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