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>The Meade MySky Plus Awaits

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If you love astronomy, you probably enjoy observing celestial objects through a telescope. But, observing is no substitute for knowing and understanding. Here’s an idea to remedy this issue: try the Meade MySky PLUS personal Sky Exploration Guide. Just point it at any part of the night sky and the Meade MySky will tell you what you are looking at. Nifty facts and trivia are included of course. There are over 30,000 space objects programmed into the My Sky Plus by Meade, you can learn something new every day for the rest of your life…literally. If you use the Meade MySky Plus once a day, it will provide you with new information for over 82 years. It is ok to use it more than once per day though.

Who will benefit from this Meade product? Although everyone can enjoy this product, there are two groups of people that would fall in love with the MySky instantly.

For amateur astronomers, the Meade My Sky Plus will add a whole new dimension to their hobby. Have you ever looked at the night sky through your telescope and come across something you had never seen before? Just point the MySky at it, and it will let you know. You can put the days of having to remember, go home, and look it up on the internet behind you. If you have lost interest in astronomy over time, the My Sky will surely reinvigorate it.

The second group is children. If you know a child with an interest in astronomy, the MySky PLUS by Meade will keep them entertained for hours. Filled with fascinating facts and information, the Meade My Sky Plus will intrigue any child’s sense of wonder for years to come. No wonder the mysky plus received the Excellence in Design Award from the Children’s Technology Review. OpticsPlanet sells the MySky Plus for only $148.99 making it an affordable holiday gift this season.

If you are looking for a Meade Telescope to accompany your MySky, Optics Planet has the largest selection and best prices too.

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