20 Nov

>Meade ETX-LX telescope and the MySky Plus

Posted by GearGalaxy Experts on

>It just keeps getting easier.

As one of the first people who tested a prototype of the original Meade MySky, I noted right away that the GPS sometimes took, forever, to reach acquisition. So when Meade told me they eliminated that tiresome chore in the updated Meade MySky Plus, I gave them a big thumbs up. If they eliminated something, how does Meade call it a Plus, though? Turn a My Sky Plus on and you’ll see, right away. The already excellent software program is now even more informative and more entertaining in the MySky Plus. Making a product easier to use and more fun to use is definitely a plus in my book.

The big news, though, in computerization is the new Meade ETX-LX telescope. We don’t know all the details, yet, but if the new Meade ETX-LX telescope lives up to its billing, no more worrying about aligning the computer on the telescope. The ETX-LX will do all the work for you! Aligning the computer has always been one of the most intimidating tasks for the beginner, so this would be a real break-through. Should be interesting.

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