21 Aug

>Computers and telescopes

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>A frequent request that comes my way is for a device that allows an observer to see real time images from a telescope on their computer. The good news, though not perfect news, is that there are some options.

The best way to see real time images form a telescope on your computer is to mount a high resolution surveillance camera (we don’t carry) over the eyepiece of the telescope and use it to feed images to a computer via an RCA cable or USB cable. This, however, is expensive and the camera, alone, can cost as much or more than the telescope. Not really a practical option for most beginners.

If you are on a budget, an electronic eyepiece is an inexpensive option, but an electronic eyepiece can only produce low resolution, black and white images which will never equal the quality of what you see with a standard eyepiece in your telescope. They are fun and easy to use, however, and can be used in any telescope which uses 1.25″ eyepieces. The most popular electronic eyepiece on the market is the Meade 902.

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