16 Aug

>More MySky accessories

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>Even if you are using a sky computer, such as the Meade Mysky or the Celestron Skyscout, you should carry some basic observing accessories. This time of year, of course, you should keep the bug dope, handy, but one thing you should have, year-round is a flashlight with a red lens. Why? Red light is easier on dark adapted eyes and will not destroy your night vision to quite the extent as white light. You can either buy a red lens flashlight, such as the Celestron Night vision flashlight or you can easily make your own by painting the bulb of a small flashlight with red nail polish. If you go the nail polish route, it will take several coats. The trick is to get the light just bright enough to read a star map when your eyes are fully dark adapted, but no brighter. That’s not much, but it beats fumbling around in total darkness when you drop something in the grass and it’s a must for reading that star map, which you should also have with you.

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