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29 Aug

>APO refractors

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>Why would anyone one spend so much money on such a small telescope? This is a question I get in regard to small APO (apochromatic) refractors, which, by far, are the most expensive telescopes for their size. Do apochromatic refractors … Continue reading

28 Aug

>Telescope accessories

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>One of the most common questions I get from customers when they purchase a telescope is, “What telescope accessories should I by?” The first thing you should buy for any telescope is more or better telescope eyepieces. Better telescopes come … Continue reading

27 Aug

>Meade camera adapter

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>Many of our customers want to know what adapters they need to mount an SLR camera (camera with removable lenses) to their Meade Autostar reflector, such as the Meade DS-2130. All you need for one of these or any other … Continue reading

24 Aug

>Meade Star Chart Guide

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> Here in the Midwest we’ve had nothing but severe storms and tons of rain filling rivers way over their banks. Many of our cities have been declared disaster areas. It’s a disaster also for stargazers because their telescopes have … Continue reading

21 Aug

>Computers and telescopes

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>A frequent request that comes my way is for a device that allows an observer to see real time images from a telescope on their computer. The good news, though not perfect news, is that there are some options. The … Continue reading

20 Aug

>Connect a Meade telescope to a computer

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>One of the questions customers frequently ask about their Meade telescope is if there is a way to connect their 494 Autostar equipped (DS series or ETX-80) telescope to a computer. The answer is , yes, this is easily done … Continue reading

16 Aug

>More MySky accessories

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>Even if you are using a sky computer, such as the Meade Mysky or the Celestron Skyscout, you should carry some basic observing accessories. This time of year, of course, you should keep the bug dope, handy, but one thing … Continue reading

15 Aug

>Astronomy Teaching Tools

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>One of the great astronomy teaching tools out there is the Astronomy Laser Pointer. Laser Pointers allow a more experienced astronomer to easily point to the object in the sky they are talking about. The Zhumell Green Astronomical Laser Pointer … Continue reading

13 Aug

>MySky accessories

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>While you are waiting for the Meade Mysky, I would add a star map, such as the Celestron star map OR the Meade star map (actually, the same book). What you learn from the book will help when you finally … Continue reading

09 Aug

>Big Bang for Less Bucks: Dobsonian Telescopes

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>Dobsonian telescopes have long been recognized as the most cost effective large aperture telescopes available. A Dob telescope is basically a Newtonian Reflector on a fully manual tabletop (or floor depending on size) mount. Dobsonians are great for portability, as … Continue reading