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13 Jul

>MySky versus Skyscout

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>”Should I buy the Meade Mysky or the Celestron Skyscout? I plan to use one with my students during an astronomy class.” Both do the same basic thing, but one of the things I like about the Meade My sky, … Continue reading

12 Jul

>Venus in Mysky

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>You won’t need a Meade Mysky or Celestron Skyscout to find Venus, tonight. This planet is about as bright as it gets, tonight, July 12th and you can find it low over the southwestern horizon after sunset. Next to the … Continue reading

10 Jul

>Meade Mysky for planets

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>”Does the Meade MySky magnifiy images like a telescope? Can I use it to see the rings of Saturn?” No, sky computers such as the Meade Mysky and Celestron Skyscout do not magnify images like a telescope. (The My sky … Continue reading

09 Jul

>Budget Telescope Packages

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>The Celestron c130 Spotting Scope is now available in several packages that are great for amateur astronomy. It is available as either a 2 piece package with the scope and Alt-Azimuth tripod, a 4 piece set that adds a 2x … Continue reading

09 Jul

>My Sky GPS

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>Another question I received, recently, on the Meade MySky, but the answer applies equally to the Celestron Skysout. “I understand that the Meade My sky has a GPS in it. Can I use this as a regular GPS if I … Continue reading

06 Jul

>Learn my stars with Meade MySky

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>One of the features I like about both the Meade MySky and Celestron Skyscout is that the both identify major stars by their traditional star names, not just their catalog numbers. Why do I think this is a good feature? … Continue reading

05 Jul

>MySky for planets

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>”Can I find planets with the Meade MySky?” Yes, you can find planets, stars and many other type of celestial objects with either the Meade My Sky or the Celestron Skyscout. These handheld star computers are not just for locating … Continue reading

04 Jul

>MySky coming soon

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>The Meade MySky, according to official sources at Meade, should be here any day, now, but, no, we are still waiting for it to make its appearance. Guarantee it, though, OpticsPlanet will have one as soon as anyone does, so … Continue reading

03 Jul

>Meade MySky for planets

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>I was at a family reunion in the remote Pennsylvainia mountains near the New York border, when several of my siblings ran up to me and asked me to identify the very bright star. low to the horizon, just after … Continue reading