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>MySky instructions

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>Not sure if the Meade Mysky will have an instruction manual when it begins to find its way into customer’s hands, but the prototype we received did not have printed instructions. We recommended to Meade that they supply something to help the user get started, but, not to worry, if they didn’t take our advice, you are still in good shape. The software in the unit itself is quite thorough – once you get the batteries in and the MySky powered up.

The My Sky takes eight AA batteries. The battery compartment is at the bottom of the handle. Turn the your Mysky unit upside down, slide the battery cover forward an inch or so, then tilt up. Load the batteries and you are ready to go. (By the way, one of the improvements Meade made over the competing Celestron SkyScout is better battery life.)

The power button is on the top, right hand side of the unit just around the corner from the LCD screen. Can’t miss it.

Take the unit out in a clear area, turn it on and wait for the GPS to acquire a signal and the handsome Meade My sky Guy will take it from there. Just remember to use the headphones if you can’t hear him.

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